Want That Perfect Interior Weld?

Our patented Purge plugs creates it in seconds! Gone are the days of old fashioned, expensive, and homemade remedies.

Purge Plugs and the Purge Plug’s Back Purge are innovative tools developed in the field over time to produce a more reliable purge environment.  Flowdynamic's founders of the Purge Plug system have been in the field for over 25 years and have progressed from using tape, hose, miscellaneous end-caps, seal rings, and foil to our productive and cost effective Purge Plugs.  The Purge Plug’s biggest advantages are the following:

The minimal time it takes to set up a purge

Lower costs of consumables

They are almost indestructible

The purge process is instantaneous

Just push it in, hit the gas, and begin to weld!


With its high temperature dual silicon rings you are sure to have the perfect seal EVERYTIME!





Our Purge Plug products are made to fit standard stainless steel tubing sizes.



Our patented Purge Plugs are manufactured and assembled right here in Southern California. The bodies are turned from solid with round stuck. 

They are incorporated with 2 seal grooves to hold the silicone foam rings. The dual groove design insures a positive and consistent seal while holding the plug square inside the workplace. The dual groove design also ensures the only part that comes in contact with the inside of your workplace is the extreme temp silicone seals.

The bodies are drilled thoroughly and tapped with ¼” pipe thread for quick coupler connections and have a gas diffuser to aid in flow of gas in a more uniform manner. They are available in 5 sizes ranging from 1-1/2” to 4”.  You can purchase your choice of colored complete sets which includes plugs & cookies 1-1/2”, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4” and a free canvas bag embroidered with our logo.


What Is The PURGE PLUG'S Back Purge?

The patented  back purge is used to purge in reverse. The correct size plug connects to the end and is pushed inside your workpiece and acts as a dam. The aluminum stepped plate is held in place by lite spring pressure and fits the inside diameter of your piece to be welded. The argon is hooked to the stem and disperses into the open cavity and pushes air out through 3 small holes in the base plate. This allows you to weld on any end to a pipe in-place without having to purge the whole piece. It’s a time saver as well as a gas saver.


Our patented Purge trees are machined from solid aluminum and are stepped to fit each sizes I.D. The center is drilled and tapped and comes with a male disconnect. The top has 3 small holes that disburse the gas inside of your work piece. These are used for welding connections on Tees, 90’s and straight lengths. It allows the user to spin the work piece while maintaining consistent purge.What are Purge Trees?

Tube Saw Guide Bundle

The Tube Saw Guide Bundle includes (1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4”) heavy duty, durable saw guides packaged perfectly in our protective hardcover case. Includes vise grips. Life saver for the times you find yourself in a pinch.